Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nascar's Race To Chase #48

Nascar please enough with the chase format already! O. K. maybe my plea is falling on deaf ears or something, for those of you who haven't read my older hubs I put a little effort in one titled Nascar Season Champ vs. Chase Champ kinda showing the outcome of the seasons since the chase if under the old format. Just read it and you'll see where I'm coming from.

So now I have a new plea. It's starting (if it wasn't already to become clear that Jimmie Johnson is really good at these tracks that they run during the Chase. And it's true of all drivers that there are certain tracks they are better at and some they just hope for the best at. So to me anyway it's starting to prove more how unfair the current Chase format is.

I mean aren't they just kinda stackin the deck in Jimmie's favor at this point. So here's my thought for a quick fix if they must keep the chase format. Reverse the season every year or throw all the track's in hat pick out ten and those are your ten final race's. Let's face it your kinda starting to bore all the other driver's fans and wasn't the whole point to make it more exciting, to make it more competitive.

But instead they've done the opposite. Now I'll will admit Jimmie is a very good driver he has a great crew chief and pit crew. But in the end I still will always question whether he stand up to some of the greats who's records he is on course to break. And the fact that he goes into a lot of these Chase's not in first place in points really bothers me.

It's kind of like letting one team say in the NBA finals get home court for all seven games. So let's at least change up the tracks. Note that Jimmie is rarely leading the points after the first ten races so let's make them the chase tracks let's throw in a road course or two then if Jimmie still wins we know it's because he's great overall not just at certain tracks.

And I know you may say it's not over yet but I just really got a feeling of deja-vu about three races ago. Been here done that and Jimmie Johnson wins again and Johnson takes Lowe's speedway,,, and the record books are being written! I just wonder how would Dale have done in the Chase or Richard Petty and so on? I think allot would depend on how well they drove the select tracks. But we'll never know what we do know is it would be nice to see a little competition. But for this year I'm afraid it might just keep being and Jimmie wins again,,