Friday, July 24, 2009

Writing about Writing signs of an Introvert


Hello again paper and pen.

What is it that I sit here and do?

This thing that consumes my time that occupies my mind.

With pen in hand the ink flowing, the ball rolling never opposing but just going as I press it firmly. The pen relaying the thoughts of my mind.

Never complaining nor condemning not seeing any fault as if blind.

And the paper lies here never saying a word just accepting everyone.

Here there is no fear of failing all I must do is let my mind be free.

Just follow the lines is the paper's only plea.

Sometimes the words rhyme and other times not, all that matters is what I want.

There are no click's here no pain no one who doubts.

I just write what I feel without worry if it's right or wrong.

No crowds to fit into wondering if I belong.

When I'm happy I write, when I'm sad the same.

When I feel I have no one to blame I write.

Am I famous? No. A Poet Who knows.

Some people have made a living at this.

While for some it just keeps us sane.

There are so many words to write and it seems so little time.

But does time matter here? Or is this not just a way to pass the time.

Is this what I do?

Here I can dream of the perfect place though I've never found it.

I can write of a perfect love while longing to feel it.

I can make people laugh. I can make them cry.

Without ever looking them in the eye. So I write.

With all my passion in my own way.

Never worrying about what I say.

The only worry is my hand cramping as it struggles to keep up.

So if you read this and wonder what is my plot?

My twist, my scheme or my train of thought.

Do not trouble your self by looking to deep.

Or hurt your eye's reading this in bad lighting.

There's no hidden secret.

No rocket science.

It's just me sitting here, Writing.

By R. Renfro

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nature Lovers #1 Must have Book

Besides writing one of my other passions in life, along I'm sure with many of you out there is exploring, enjoying and just taking in nature. Whether it's Creating a sanctuary in my yard to watch from the window in winter. The walk along the path to my favorite fishing spot which is always just as enjoyable as the actual fishing.Zebco Prostaff Baitcast Fishing Rod and Reel Combo - 6'
Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel

And trust me when I say I am very serious about my fishing. And as I put in my about me section the Bass fishing here in Oklahoma well if your a fisherman you gotta love it. But that also is part of the nature experience I enjoy so much. Whether it's the fish, the trees, the flowers, the flowing river, creek or stream. From the birds to even the little odd insects you come upon. The unique way each one is shaped, marked or behaves to the way they change or exhibit their colors the songs and strange noises they make. I for one just find myself amazed. But with this amazement comes the curiosity to learn more about what it is I'm seeing, hearing or smelling. Wondering if to touch or taste?

And that leads me to my topic. A little old book I've discovered from Readers Digest called North American Wildlife. It's one of the most valuable, easy to use and truly inexpensive resources I've found that covers a very wide range of plants, animals, insects and more. And it's easy to take along with you anywhere. ( I state this because obviously if your reading this you probably realize that the Internet is a great resource for all of this also ). But normally we don't take the PC or Laptop with us and I find this book is great for that. Whether it's knowing what trees are in your new backyard. Or what that little bug or bird you saw was. I can't say enough about how many times this book has come in handy.
North American Wildlife (revised and updated)
Book of North American Birds

Now this Book was originally published by Readers Digest in 1982 and was revised in 2000. It has some pictures but mostly uses illustrations. But the illustrations are very accurate and have identification capsules for ease of use. The Book also has a dual index one for scientific names and one for common names. It has a habitat symbols, range maps and text blocks for common species and groups. Overall I have just found this Book to be great to have around. I use it over and over as I discover new things.

I am positive that anyone from the Nature Lover to just the common Homeowner would find this book useful.

If you also have this book or want to share any other relative resources or have any questions.
Please feel free to comment:
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Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Tips to Living a Better Life

Boss complaining, the spouse is naggin, bills are due, bank accounts low, kids need new shoes, clothes, etc, etc, etc,,, prices are up 401k is shrinking, companies cutting back and so on and on it goes. Sounding familiar? With our Country at one of its worst times economically I'm sure this is becoming a more and more familiar scenario in homes across the nation.

And while I have no PHD, Professional License or Doctorate Degree. What I do have is a relationship with God Our Father and some life experience. Not as long as some and the same or longer than others. So while some of you over time have figured out ways of handling the stress and curves of everyday life ( your comments and helps are invited ). I wanted to write this Blog for those of you that find yourselves struggling to cope with getting by everyday in life.

Now these tips do come from a standpoint that God was, is and will forever be our Creator, Heavenly Father and Saviour who truly Loves each and everyone of us and is inviting us to ask him for help. And I base this on experience having tried every other method out there to cope with a life that wasn't begun with the best of tools for successful stress free living, Coming from a broken home, a period of non existent parenting, a childhood surrounded by drug and alcohol abuse, and a young adulthood of playing out the same scenario. And through it all I found that when I asked Him to. God came and helped me learn how to change the path of my life.

Now I'm not offering a get rich plan or some positive thinking method that will make your life all better. I'm just sharing some things I've learned that may help some.

  1. And this is probably the most important one. Pray! And this isn't just for those who believe and know how. Let me be clear on this because you may think I don't believe in that, I don't know how to, I don't live right, it's silly and a whole host of other things. But that is even more reason I say to try it. "I don't believe in God you say". I say have you tried to? A very simple question, but how do you believe or not believe in something you haven't tried. So try it just ask Him to show you if he is real. I say this because I don't believe because someone told me to or because my family taught me or some preacher told me. I asked Him to show me if He was true. And he did and when I find that things are piling up on me and the stress seems more than I can handle I pray. And when I do I almost always realize that my life situation isn't as bad as I thought.;&version=9;

  2. Don't try to handle it alone. If your married make sure your spouse is your best friend. If your not married rely on your best friend. If you don't have a best friend get one or get a spouse. The point is to find someone to share your situation with someone you can use tip 1 with, talk with, plan with, cry with, laugh with, live with or just sit with. The important thing is don't let your problems be your only companions they will always be bigger than you.

  3. And this is for Married couples don't argue over $$$$$! In fact arguing over anything never solves a problem. Now I know it's in us all to do this especially when were frustrated but it is actually the worse thing we could do. In studies the top two reasons given for divorce is Poor Communication( arguing ) and Financial Problems and it's kinda clear the two combined well could lead to even worse problems than you began with. Again this is why tip 2 is so important. Your spouse should be your best friend!

  4. Laugh. Most of us have heard the statistics on what laughter can do for us physically and mentally. So try it instead of watching the news or horror movies watch Comedy central get a book of jokes at the library and share them. Don't try to be so grown up all the time. Read this study done at Harvard.

  5. Help someone in need. Why this may seem like it would just add to pressures you already face. I've found it has the opposite effect. And there are many ways to do this it doesn't matter what your financial, physical, mental, travel or time situation is. It may be mowing an older neighbors grass, giving a few dollars to someone or a charity, calling a family member or friend. But the rewards of being able to make someone Else's life a little better can be a real boost to ones mental state. Cause no matter how bad your life may seem if you look around there is always someone who has it worse. And I've always found it's seems to have a circle effect.

  6. Consider your Career. And this in these times may seem like a hard one. But when you take into account how much of our lives we spend at work. It only makes sense that if your doing something you have no passion for and it's the big percent of your life then your going to be in a frustrated situation. So look at all your options maybe it means going to school, look into getting financial aid or sponsored training right now is actually a good time for that.

  7. Nature. And this may be more on a personal note. But I've found that sometimes when I'm stressed the most nothing can be better than simply taking in all the Beautiful living things around us. Whether it's just sitting in my yard watching the birds or going to a lake or favorite fishing hole walking to your local park, going camping with the family. There is just something peaceful about being outdoors even if it's just a few minutes everyday. And it can be almost totally free.

  8. Have a Hobby. If you don't have one or put one on the back burner find something you like to do something you are passionate about and make it enjoyable. Note if your hobby consumes all your time, interferes with your relationship with others, endangers your life or puts you in debt it isn't a hobby anymore it's become and obsession and that = stress. So make sure your hobby stays a hobby.

  9. Rest. Try to take as much time as you can to let your body reboot. Your brain, body and your vital organs are not made to run all the time. Just like a piece machinery or a computer for example needs a time to cool off or clear out the mass of data it's built up to keep from getting sluggish or overheated which could lead to terminal failure( loss of life ). Our bodies are the same and I don't care who you are or what your situation is. No job, amount of money, addiction, obsession or whatever it may be is worth terminal failure. So take time to rest or get help.

  10. A positive environment. And by this I don't just mean location. This can include the things you watch, listen to, read, where you hang out at and who your around. But the saying is true we are what we eat. If you listen to depressing or angry music you'll probably be depressed and angry. If you watch to much news you'll also probably be depressed and angry. Try some Christian music. Or read some Psalms. But try to keep the things you take in positive and enjoy your life!

Now there are many other things one can do. But the bottom line is this Life is too short to spend it stressed or depressed or in a mess. So try to find away to Enjoy Living Every Minute you can and keep in mind the things you thought you couldn't deal with yesterday you did. Keep looking up!

Please feel free to comment or add.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial gives new perspective on tabloid media.

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Michael Jackson Memorial gives new perspective on tabloid media.

I as most of you watched the Michael Jackson Memorial/Tribute yesterday. And I must admit there were quite a few times when I kinda got something in my eye. ( O. K. yes I cried )

I think it was one of the most amazing and touching things I've seen in quite awhile. I guess what touched me most is it actually let me see a side of Michael that here to for we haven't really been shown before. And I don't think it was because Michael didn't want us to see, it was because theres no big story for the hound chasing media in a guy who eats KFC and loves to be around children.

And please before you start with any sick jokes or add to this more than it is. Lets just look at these accusations which I think so shamefully shaped the end of Michael's career.

Everyone that knew Michael in any close way when asked about his so called problem with children has stoutly stated that he was in no way guilty of the accusations. People most of us never even knew hung around him. Like one example I heard was Donald Trump . He stated that Michael was always around his children and this echos what I heard numerous others say.
I for one think that if you profiled a pedophile this would not be one of their characteristics. They don't just want to hang around children.

I think Brooke Shields really kinda explained this as she told how her and Michael were friends since a very young age. She told how they had so much in common being child stars and never having a normal childhood. And how every time they hung around they played like two kids and that they always had fun no matter what they did together! And the more I listened to her and so many others speak about this man/child that the media never showed us and it's not that they couldn't show us. It made me really sit and ponder about where our media has gone?

I remember a time when some of the stories on television now used to only be seen in tabloid papers sold at the checkout line in stores. But now those same stories (only actually worse because we all knew most of the tabloid ones were fudged) are headline news. But the sad thing is they take little half truths or use so called source's to make something tragic. Tragic being a keyword here because again I never knew the real Michael Jackson only the horrible rumors. It just makes me feel ashamed. Ashamed to think that somehow we have made the media think that this is what we want?

In a related story. I saw the media catch up with Michael's Ex wife Debbie Rowe and I thought they were bordering on criminal behaviour. They were shouting baited statements at her about whether she was going to fight for her children. Insinuating that if she doesn't she would be some horrible mother or something. One guy actually rammed into her. And now it's almost like they shaped her decision somehow. Because at this point if she doesn't try to get the kids, well we all know those headlines.

I think we need to demand more from our media. We need to check ourselves and when we see a news show on something we know is fudged, or gossip, or tabloid turn the channel. Because that's the bottom line if we keep eating it up they'll keep spoon feeding it to us. And I know some of you got this already and you probably don't watch the news anymore because of it. Here is an interesting article about the media.

I am just so sad that some of the last part of a wonderful performer, artist, gift from God, and truly talented Human Beings life was shadowed with ridicule and sick jokes. I guess the only thing worse than an ambulance chasing lawyer is an ambulance chasing reporter. And I guess it a shame that we all probably feel like telling Michael we're sorry just a little too late. I really wish I would have known more about him as a son, brother, friend, dad or as Magic Johnson said it. Just a normal Kentucky Fried Chicken eatin kid at heart from little ole Gary, Indiana.

In closing, I for one have been and will be missing the Wonderful Music Michael Jackson was so blessed with creating. May He rest in Peace!

Please leave your comments. I would love to hear from you all. And remember change starts with the man/woman in the mirror!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oklahoma! Where are my employee rights?

I suppose this could be more of my about me page but I kinda want to pose this for comments to hear some other stories and feelings from you workers out there in what many of us know as the wonderful, Right To Work States. See as I wrote in my about me section I was born and raised in Dayton Ohio. And while being a worker in Ohio does lend itself to some employee based rights. One of which is the Right To Form a Union ( although I thought this was one of our basic Constitutional rights ).

I found after moving to Oklahoma that this right actually depends on which side of the Civil War you live in. I guess I should have paid more attention in history class. But hey that's what life is anyway isn't it a living history lesson. See the issue with a Right To Work State is while I do think you have a Constitutional Right to Form a Union an Employer in such a State also has a Right to Fire you if you even think Union. And what I've noticed in my State after working for several Major National Industries Walmart, Family Dollar, Haulmark Trailers, Dollar General is how this Law has several effects for a State. Here's a few.

  1. It's no coincidence that a lot of Major Companies have Distribution Centers in States that are Right to Work States, kinda like the precursor to third world manufacturing/distribution.

  2. These States Usually have a higher level of people living below the National Poverty Level. Because there are many clauses in these states which allow employers to pay lower wages. Some even below the Federal Minimum Wage I. E. employers with fewer employee's.

  3. Turn over. Although you would think in a State where if you lose your job the chances of you receiving Unemployment Benefits are slim to none that there would be fewer people that quit jobs. What I've noticed is the opposite mainly because it's hard to work like companies here demand.

  4. Hours worked. This is a big thing I experienced in my time here. Theres no such thing as a 40 hr work week here. And while if you love O.T. pay this is great sometimes the physical demand of the standard work week is more than one can handle. Which in turn is part of the cause of issue 3.

  5. Cost of Living. And this is the one actual plus side of these States. Obviously with a lower average earnings per quota you have a lower property value lower taxes etc,,,

Now some other general observations I've had are a lot of people don't work very hard here. And while I'm sure some would argue about this I just have noticed that overall this has been the case wherever I've worked here. The biggest problem I see though is the hours worked it seems most of these Companies just abuse their right to schedule change without notification. Several places I've worked have went thru time periods where we were required 10 or more hours seven days a week.

Now before you all start thinking I'm just whining or lazy let me state I have always worked very physically demanding jobs. And that is actually my preference as it tends to not be boring or drawn out. But that is even the more reason why it is insane to push this many hours on people. Also adding the factor here in Oklahoma that the average days of 100 degrees or more is higher than most states. Fact: Almost all of the above companies have had a heat stroke related death in Oklahoma that I personally am aware of. Now that is why I think this Right to work Law is so awful. No one Should have to loose their life to ship a dollar product or assemble a cargo trailer for anyone.

In closing please join me in sending an email to our congressmen at this link.

And please comment! Let me hear your thoughts and stories.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dale Earnhardt Jr, top ten Reasons He's Overrated.


Here we go I'm sure I'll stir up some passionate debate with this one.
And to start let me say this, I in no way dislike Dale Jr, but as a fan of Nascar and other sports. One of which is Boxing and one thing I do hate is when you get these announcers that just go on and on about a guy when he hasn't proven anything yet. Some examples that come to mind are Jeff "left hook" Lacy, Juan " Baby Bull" Diaz, Rocky Juarez, and most recently Victor Ortiz. I know personally after watching all of these guys fight nobodies over several fight cards and listening to the announcers tout them as the next great thing. Until each one got a quick title shot or big fight and bam there they are getting their butts pummeled or just flat out quitting because they were. See I'm a big fan of you can't be named with the best until you do what the best have done or you beat the best.

So on with Jr, these are just 10 reasons I thought about and I'm not ranking in any order.

  1. Obviously his name Earnhardt, but more than just the name otherwise Kyle Petty and John Andretti to name a few would also have been overrated. But Dale Sr, who undoubtedly has the stats to back up his ranking as an all time great. And when he brought Jr, into the cup series he set Jr, up right just as he did Michael Waltrip. That then led to big expectations.
  2. The loss of Dale Sr, not only the loss but the way the loss occurred. This Led to even more attention on Jr,
  3. The announcers, with most of the announcers being former drivers and most against Dale Sr, they all seemed to leech onto Jr, as if he was the returning Messiah. I can't count how many races I watched listening to some announcer (Darrel Waltrip) go on and on no matter how well or where Jr, was running. I mean O. k. can we leave 25th place and see what the leaders of the race are doing?
  4. Budweiser. This is a no brainer when probably 70% of your fan base consume alcoholic beverages and you win a race and pop the top on a cold one in the winners circle. Well need I say more kinda drums up the fan base "YEEHAW get'r done".
  5. Budweiser. You all know it's against the law to drink and drive right? now I don't personally know how much Jr, drinks and maybe that has nothing to do with his racing the past few years. But when you got a lifetime supply of the product and your on MTV cribs showing off the full bar ( and by bar I'm just saying I've seen smaller bars in some towns I've lived in ) in your basement. Well you might tend to have a few here or there " YEEHAW get'r done".
  6. I watch the races. Without Bud goggles I might add. I mean sometimes his heads just not really in the race.
  7. Stats. His stats don't = up to greatness here's a few comparisons

Drv Yr wins top 5's top 10 avg finish

#88 2000 18 87 140 16.3

#48 2002 42 108 167 11.8

#18 2005 15 51 78 16.5

#24 1993 82 256 348 12.3

#17 2000 18 92 168 15.0

#2 2001 19 66 124 17.6

Now all be it some of these guys are great racers. But before you can call Jr, great just look at the stats I mean do you call Matt Kenseth great or Kurt Busch ( both of these guys do have a championship though) but see the numbers just don't = the hype.

8. Dumb mistakes. oops yep I done went and said it. Sometimes he just drives like he's Robbie Gordon. Whoaa down there fellows have another sip of your Bud it will be alright.

9. Dale Sr, I mean let's face it he does have a lot to live up to just look at these stats.

10. He's not a rookie. Let's face it this is his 9th season if he's gonna get moving on that all time list it better start soon.

So Now that I concurred with some of you and made a few of ya throw your Bud can at the computer. Your turn to respond. But remember let's try to stay with the facts.

And remember "Don't drink and drive",,,

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