Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Problogger 5 Reasons why this guy should be on every bloggers blogroll

While I am new to the blog scene and don't have a lot of knowledge to pass along to fellow blogger. There is one thing I've figured out real quick. The Problogger website http://www.problogger.net/ is a must have link for anyone interested in starting a blog.

The resources and information given on his blog site are phenomenal. So phenomenal that I had to write this blog in praise of his work even though I don't personally know him and I've never contacted him in anyway. I just kinda fell into his blog site. And it has been nothing but encouraging and insightful to me. So much so that I started this blog site. If you even think you might want to start a blog his blogging tips for beginners is a must read. http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/02/14/blogging-for-beginners-2/

But along with my blog here are 5 reasons Problogger should be in any blogger Favs, ( while there are actually a lot more than 5 for the sake of blog length we'll settle on 5 )

  1. Knowledge; the insight he relates into secrets for blogging success are invaluable. He's been at this awhile and it shows.

  2. Success; obviously anyone can blog about how to blog but when you read where he's gotten to by blogging http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/01/25/becoming-a-problogger/ kinda gives him a whole lot more credibility.

  3. Professionalism; by this I mean his willingness to share tips and to offer help. there isn't many lines of work where you'll find this spirit of helping. For example I work at a simple job in a distribution center shipping dept, by simple I mean not allot of brains required physically well lets just say there's days when I think how long can my body keep doing this without being crippled in some way later in life. But it amazes me sometimes in this cut throat world we live in how people are afraid someone else will be as good as them at their job. But Darren has tons of blogs with help for his fellow blogger. And while he does charge for his books. His blog helps are free.

  4. His tips on advertising it's always good to learn how to make $$ right. http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/03/07/introduction-to-advertising-optimization-ad-position/

  5. And finally well he just seems like an alright kinda guy. Hey that's always a good reason to have someone on your favs.

So If I didn't lose ya,, hello hey did you all go to Problogger without even finishing reading my blog?? Oh well "you win some you win some more"

Successful blogging everyone. Type back at me always good to hear from ya,

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nascar Season Champ vs. Chase Champ This ain't football?

It's been a few years now since Nascar has been using the Race to the chase format.

And I'm sure there were a lot of blogs and discussion boards back when this first started. O. K. it's been a few years now and I just wanted to restart this discussion with a few years of stats to look at.

Note: The main stats I'll be giving are as such. Points from end of season ( before chase races) + points at end of chase - start of chase bonus points I.E. The driver with the most wins starts at 5050 points and second in wins 5045 so basically I'll start them even. Let's face it you get 5 points for every win anyway.

So here we go.
2008 Champ ( was Jimmie Johnson) would be with 5112 points.
#99 Carl Edwards

Second place would be Jimmie Johnson with 5030 points.

2007 Champ (was Jimmie Johnson ) would be with 5285 points. #24 Jeff Gordon

Second place would be Jimmie Johnson with 4892 points.

2006 Champ was and would be with 5059 points.

#48 Jimmie Johnson

Second place would be Matt Kenseth with 5007 points.

2005 Champ was and would be with 5053 points. Then #20 Tony Stewart

Second place would be Greg Biffle with 4814 points.

2004 Champ ( Was Kurt Busch ) would be with 4935 points.
Again #48 Jimmie Johnson.

Second place would be Jeff Gordon with 4872 points.
Note: Kurt Busch would have only had 4662 points under the normal system.

So a few hours later a little math and stat figuring and whats my point?

I think it should be clearly obvious. In a sport where we have records, a Hall of Fame and a long standing history. How can anyone not see the serious implications of this.

I mean Jimmie Johnson will be in the records as a 3 in a row champ when he under the normal system wouldn't be.
Kurt Busch goes in with a Championship when he really wasn't even close to second.
Jeff Gordon would be one more Championship up on all time list.
Carl Edwards would be a championship winner. And I'm sure there's other points I'm missing.

So what are your thoughts on this Nascar Fans?
To me Nascar racing is it's own sport.http://http//www.nascar.com/
I don't see a need to try to be like the NFL,http://http//www.nfl.com/
NBA, http://www.nba.com/ or MLB. http://www.mlb.com/
And my thought is let's separate it from the Season Champ. You could just call the the Chase Champ kinda like the IROC series Champ. http://www.rauzulusstreet.com/racing/iroc/iroc.htm
But it seems to me it's kinda unfair to call someone a champ over the lower percent of races.

Nascar Fans whats your thoughts out there? Please comment.
I'd really like to hear some viewpoints on this.

also for more Nascar rants and raves check out this blog. http://ernhrtfanalwys3.blogspot.com/

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Michael Jackson death, just another reminder of the truth of God.

So this will be my first blog. Two reasons I chose this as the first.

1. I believe in God and wanted Him in my first blog.
Because since I have been young he has always been there for me thru the best and worst of who I was, am and will be and in the beginning was God So I believe he has, will and should be first.

2. The obvious tragic and surprising death of Michael Jackson.http://http//www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gK_BZYsLvb9-YlmofeU7Ye4OzVuQ

So on with the connection. See as I heard the news of Michael's passing my mind instantly went to thoughts of Elvis Presley. And I guess depending on where your from, your upbringing, or which side of the war you were on. http://www.pbs.org/civilwar/
You will either agree with the comparison or say something like " why you darn Yankee how dare you compar that thar girly man with ar beloved Elvis" relax there Jethro you'll get it in a minute. (I think)?
But my comparison is this no matter how famous, rich, important or what your gender, race, age, sexual preference, political party or religious belief is and just like it was written in the
We all have a time to die. Believers in creation have a good grip of this because we have some understanding or at least a story as to why this occurs. This ( among many others ) is a question I would pose to my evolutionist readers is if you can somewhat explain to me the big bang and how everything evolved from that. Explain to me why everything that evolved dies?
Now in closing I mean no disrespect to Michael Jackson fans if this blog seems to be misleading my intent is to simply inject my belief in God and his creation. And to me death is although not what God intended for us evidence of the truth of the scriptures. I also believe Michael and his wonderful musical talent is also evidence of the same but he just like all of us die. http://http//scripturetext.com/genesis/2-17.htm
Please feel free to comment and come back for more blogs on subjects like, Nascar season champ vs, chase champ this ain't football man! and Cursing, more proof of God? and many more to come.
"Theres a storm a comin a bloggerstorm",,

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